Tips on power usage in North Carolina - Carolina Country

Tip of the Month

Quick tricks to keep your house energy efficient

Got Leftovers?

Let them cool first to save energy

Light Loads for Faster Drying Times

Sorting your laundry can mean savings on your energy bill

Choose your pots and pans wisely

Your choice of cookware can help you save energy

A Different Kind of "Sun Light"

Solar-powered lights are easy and inexpensive

Warmer Weather, Time to Test!

Changing seasons means it's time to check your HVAC system

Warm, toasty AND efficient

A fireside tip for keeping your home energy efficient

Deck the Halls with Savings!

Light up your home with LED decorations to save energy and money

Change your filter for savings

If you aren't regularly changing your HVAC filter, you could be losing money

Keep your thermostat "on point"

Nearby objects can make your HVAC work too hard

Lighter Laundry, Less Time

Not all loads are created equal

Let the Sunshine In!

Take advantage of daylight to warm your home in winter

Seasons are changing — time for a tune up!

A well-maintained heating system can reduce your energy bill

Getting Hot in the Kitchen?

In summer, choose appliances that won't make your A/C work too hard

Guilt-Free Streaming

The right equipment keeps the episodes rolling without breaking the bank

Insulation Blankets for Water Heaters

Is your hot water tank warm to the touch?