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Energy Education

What's new in the energy industry

Co-ops Support STEM Education

The Kenan Fellows Program brings classroom concepts to life for teachers

Electric Co-op Leaders Meet with Gov. Roy Cooper

Discussions cover energy innovation and rural economic development

Believe it: The French are Using Cheese to Generate Power

A French power plant uses a cheese byproduct to generate electricity

Staying Cool with Extra Space

Finding the right type of A/C unit for your project

All aboard the electric bus

Bus fleets are prime for electrification

Causes of Outages and Blinks

Weather, animals can cause power loss

Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Co-op Career

Wherever you are, odds are there’s an electric co-op nearby

Know Charging Options to Keep Your EV Rolling

NC offers several public charging options for electric vehicles

A First for the State

Ocracoke Island’s microgrid uses local resources to improve reliability

Smartphone Energy Apps

Can they really save you money?

Book Review — Poles, Wires and War

A new book explores co-op efforts to electrify rural South Vietnam

Invest in the Sun for Water Heating

Solar water heating may be a long-term investment worth considering

Keeping Up with the Jetsons

Off-the-shelf technology has made futuristic smart homes a reality

Phone Home

Smartphones can control a growing number of gadgets