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Energy Education

What's new in the energy industry

Caring for Animals and Pets, Efficiently

Energy considerations, inside and out

Swimming in Savings

Help make your pool more energy efficient

All About HVAC Filters

Pricier isn’t always better

NC Co-ops Participate in National Grid Security Simulation

GridEx is a virtual simulation to support grid security and safety

North Carolina Passes Bipartisan Energy Legislation

New law calls for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050

Insulation For Energy Savings

Know your region’s recommended R-value

Renewables on the Roof

Electric co-ops are helping members make sound solar power decisions

Caring for the Trees That Care for Us

Arbor Day Foundation tips for planting trees

Budget-Friendly Energy Savings

Inexpensive tips to make your home heating system more efficient

Renewable Energy Grows to Second-Largest Source of U.S. Power

Only natural gas produced more electricity in 2020

Ready, Set, (Your) Thermostat!

The right settings can help save energy

NC Electric Cooperatives Celebrate 85th Anniversary

Edgecombe-Martin County EMC was the first to flip the switch in 1937

Electric Co-ops To Deploy Batteries Across Rural NC

Energy storage will enhance grid resilience, reliability

Frosty Roofs Provide Energy Efficiency Clues

Is your home losing heat during the winter?

Ants and Spiders and Flies, Oh My!

Prevent pest invasions and unwanted drafts