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Energy Education

What's new in the energy industry

Frosty Roofs Provide Energy Efficiency Clues

Is your home losing heat during the winter?

Ants and Spiders and Flies, Oh My!

Prevent pest invasions and unwanted drafts

Getting You From Point A to Point B

Drive confidently with North Carolina electric cooperatives’ EV charging network

Nuclear Power Q&A

What’s the long-term plan for used fuel?

Safe, Sustainable Nuclear Power

Nuclear energy is key to a brighter future for electric co-op members

North Carolina Passes Bipartisan Energy Legislation

New law calls for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050

A Brighter Future Through Grid Management

A new service helps manage a 500-MW resource distributed across the state

Nimble and Reliable: Natural Gas Generation

Natural gas generation plays a role in a brighter future for electric co-op members

How to Clean Up Your Crawl Space

Eliminate moisture and potential hazards

Q&A: Sustainability & Electric Co-ops

Common questions about sustainable power

Renewable Energy Grows to Second-Largest Source of U.S. Power

Only natural gas produced more electricity in 2020

Electric Vehicle Q&A

Answers about EV numbers and battery sustainability

Four County EMC’s Mitch Keel Retiring

Don Gatton Named Incoming CEO

Know Your Home

A little knowledge can go a long way in saving energy and preventing unexpected high bills

Affordability: The Key to a Sustainable Future

If programs and technology aren’t cost-effective, they simply aren’t sustainable