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Take control of the energy you use with these tips, programs and trends.

'Expert Tree Feller' Causes Randolph EMC Outage

Crews responded to repair damage done by an industrious beaver

Hiring the Right Contractor

Tips to ensure they do good work and stay on budget

Understanding the Value of Radiant Barriers

Thin, reflective material can help keep your home cool

Countries Collaborate on Energy Data

North American countries are sharing data online

Wind Power Projected to Outpace Hydro

Hydropower has long held the top spot among renewables

Affordable Manufactured Homes Up Their Game

Contemporary features and enhanced energy efficiency boost appeal

Warming Up with Wood

A little research can help ensure safe, efficient wood burning

How to operate a portable generator safely

Use the correct size generator and run it safely.

An Encyclopedia of Modern Electricity

A new report provides a clear overview of our ever-evolving power grid

Energy-Savvy Congregations

Create a plan to make energy improvements at your house of worship

Energy Savings for the Win!

Score savings with power-efficient A/V equipment

Avoid the Most Common Utility Scams

3 tips to avoid pressure from scammer scare tactics