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Pitt & Greene EMC Leader Elected as National Board Official

National co-op finance organization elects Mark Suggs as board officer

Mark Suggs

Mark Suggs

Mark Suggs, executive vice president and general manager for Farmville-based Pitt & Greene EMC, was recently elected to serve as an officer on the board of directors for the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC).

Suggs will fill the board’s secretary-treasurer post. He was first seated on the CFC board in 2020 and recently began his second three-year term.

Created by electric cooperatives more than 50 years ago, CFC provides credit and financial products to electric co-ops across the country. Its 23-member board of directors sets overall policy, establishes programs and develops strategies for CFC. Each of the board’s directors is elected for a three-year term and can serve two consecutive terms.

“CFC is fortunate to have a very experienced and knowledgeable board that is dedicated to the success of the electric cooperative network and provides excellent strategic guidance for the organization,” CFC Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Brad Captain said. “Everyone at CFC looks forward to working with Mark in his new leadership role on the board.”

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