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Take control of the energy you use with these tips, programs and trends.

Change your filter for savings

If you aren't regularly changing your HVAC filter, you could be losing money

2019 Pole Top Rescue Competition Tests Lifesaving Skills

Fast-paced action highlights just how challenging it is to be a line worker

The Path to Low-Carbon Power

NCEMC has been on a path to generating electricity while emitting less carbon dioxide for decades

A Different Kind of "Sun Light"

Solar-powered lights are easy and inexpensive

Building a Brighter Energy Future, Together

National co-op Board President Curtis Wynn outlines his vision for the future

Are Whole-House Fans Helpful?

Maybe, if used correctly

Getting Hot in the Kitchen?

In summer, choose appliances that won't make your A/C work too hard

Meeting Member Needs With Low-Carbon Power

Electric co-ops in North Carolina are national leaders in providing low-carbon power

Keep your thermostat "on point"

Nearby objects can make your HVAC work too hard

The Work of a Lineman

A 12-year-old’s ode to her grandfather’s work on the lines

Co-ops Make Our Voices Heard on Capitol Hill

NC co-op leaders made a trip to Washington, D.C., to talk policy

Keep Cool for Less

Get your home in top shape for summer

Smart Appliances

Consider pros, cons when mulling purchases

Test Your Energy Saving Know-How

Telling fact from fiction for seven energy saving claims

NC Meter School Tackles Grid Tech

A long-standing conference keeps meter and substation experts in the know