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You're on our website, let's make the most of it! Here you'll find the extra articles, recipes, videos, photos and music that bring the pages of Carolina Country magazine to life.

Reindeer Poop

A candied party treat with a name you won't soon forget!

4-H Youth Leaders Share Thanks with NC Electric Co-ops

Co-ops sponsored annual citizenship conference

A Show for All Sportsmen

‘Carolina ALL OUT’ puts NC hunting and fishing in the spotlight

The Spoon Lady

Abby Roach is a storyteller, activist, and, yes, spoon player

‘Uniquely Southern’ Cheerwine Recipes

Cook up some holiday 'cheer' with these new recipes

"No Fail" Pie Crust

Recipe only on

White Tango Pizza

Recipe from Little Black Dressing, Co.

Cookie-Making Masters

For the Hanes family, Moravian baking traditions run deep