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Kenan Fellow Gets Real World Lessons for the Classroom

Watch Pamela Johnson’s experience with Union Power Cooperative

A Thoughtful Approach to Keeping Lines Clear

Right-of-way management is incredibly valuable for reliability and cost savings at your electric co-op

The Charitable Women Roofers of Rutherford County

A volunteer group is committed to helping neighbors stay dry

Building a Brighter World

Volunteer linemen bring electricity to Bolivia

Wild About Turkey Calls

Call collecting can add to the turkey hunting experience


By The Hamiltones

Solving the Plastic Problem

Bonnie Monteleone is tackling ocean plastic pollution

“Out In The Open”

By Steep Canyon Rangers

Harvesting Pure, Local Sea Salt

Two NC companies are making salt a local commodity

Meet North Carolina’s First Dog Travel Agent

Mo shares pawsome tips on traveling with four-legged friends

The Music Maker

Jerry Read Smith’s hammered dulcimers are nationally renowned

A Life in Postcards

Walter Pinchbeck rode the rails but found a home in NC