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Digital Extras

You're on our website, let's make the most of it! Here you'll find the extra articles, recipes, videos, photos and music that bring the pages of Carolina Country magazine to life.

Neal Thomas

This Wendell native has a talent for making baskets

Up, Up and Away

Get a taste of Iredell County on the ground and above the trees

Keenan Jenkins

This musician of wandering to declarative styles uses music in his search for self

Jugtown Family Traditions

Bayle Owens is a fifth-generation potter

Celebratory Passover Desserts

Sweet treats for your Seder

3 Haunting Tales from North Carolina

The Old North State is rife with spooky spots

Larry & Joe

This Durham-based duo performs a fusion of Venezuelan and Appalachian folk music

Greenhouse Gardening on a Budget

Keep your garden growing year-round with a greenhouse kit

Keeping Your Home Healthy

Three ways to ensure your house looks, feels and smells fresh

Must-See Mountain Cheesemakers

Yellow Branch is a storied farm along the WNC Cheese Trail

Connections to the Past

Archeologists and private artifact collectors study NC’s earliest societies

Saddle Up and Read

Caitlin Gooch is an equestrian encouraging children to achieve literary excellence

Ocean City Has All That Jazz

The Ocean City Jazz Festival celebrates pride, integrity and perseverance

Jereann King Johnson

This textile artist has known quilts and quilting as far back as she can remember

NC Peanuts: Shelled Delights

The scoop on a major NC crop, from planting to plating