January 2017 - Carolina Country

Where in Carolina Country is This?

January 2017
January 2017

The January Where is This photo taken by Karen House features the Futuro House located on Highway 12 in Dare County. This UFO house has been a favorite photo op for travelers to the Outer Banks for more than 40 years. The pre-fab plastic flying saucer was one of many across the country to land in the late 1960s to early 1970s. Lee and Mary Jane Russo placed this UFO just outside of Frisco in 1970, where it has been a hot dog and snow cone stand, an apartment and a magazine office. It now serves as a geocache site called “Greetings OBX Earthlings.” Reader Pete Venuto commented: “I tell my grandkids there is a friendly Martian that lives there. One summer a person in a space suit was outside waving, so it helped my credibility with my grandkids to see a friendly Martian!” The winning entry chosen at random from all the correct submissions came from Jacob Martin of Fayetteville, a South River EMC member.

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