October 2015 - Carolina Country

Where in Carolina Country is This?

October 2015
October 2015

More than 250 of you knew the October magazine scene, a picture by Michael Gery showing part of Henry River Mill Village near Hildebran, Burke County. Many noted that the mill houses and store were the District 12 set in the first “Hunger Games” movie. Built by Michael and Albert Rudisill, a cotton yarns mill thrived here from 1905 into the 1960s. The mill burned in 1977. About 1,500 acres included a boarding house and 35 cottages, some remaining today. The “store” was also used as an office, school and church. Phyllis Burns Yost told us she was born in House 6 shown in the photo (Katniss house in the movie) and lived there until 1942. Nadine Rudisill of Hickory told us her family lived there from 1943 until the late 1990s. Margaret Campbell of Hickory was a friend of an owner’s daughter. “She even gave me some wooden coins that people could use to buy food, etc., until their next paycheck.” The winning entry chosen at random from all submissions came from Shirley Garrett of Hickory, a member of Rutherford EMC.

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