Container Gardening

From the smallest area to an expansive landscape, containers of plants add wonderful accents. Plant containers come in a wide range of sizes. Terracotta and concrete planters have been commonly used for years, but they have problems with freezing during the winter. This generally is due to moisture, which can be combated by using the newer frost-proof terracottas. A non-harmful chemical Smart Stuff, penetrates porous surfaces and keeps moisture out.

Plastic containers are more durable than ceramics and the lighter weight makes them ideal to move from place – as often helpful for sun-loving and shade-loving plants. Glazed ceramic containers are very attractive and shed water unlike other ceramic containers. When selecting a plant for a container, consider how much sun the plant will be exposed to. Plants dry out much quicker in a container. Also consider heat: will the plant be against a wall that gets heat all day? We now have potting soil which contains moisture-holding granules. The granules do not eliminate the need for watering, but help when conditions are extremely dry.

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