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32 deer-resistant garden plants

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We live in a gated community on Lake Tillery, directly in front of Uwharrie National Forest. Deer hunters are not allowed to kill deer in our community. The intelligent deer just cross the road to vegetation and safety. This is why most residents do not attempt to have a flower or vegetable garden.

My garden shows that you can have flowers in a deer-infested area.

Gerald Yates, Mt. Gilead, Randolph EMC

Mr. Yates' list of varieties in his deer-free garden.

1. Sheffield Mums

2. Mexican sunflowers

3. Four O Clocks

4. Miss Huff Lantana

5. Mexican Sage from George's Plant farm

6. Crinum Lilies

7. Peonies

8. Primrose

9. Purple Sage

10. Touch me Nots Balsam

11. Russian Sage

12. Confederate Rose

13. Gardenia

14. Purple Coneflower

15. White Coneflower

16. Yellow Coneflower

17. Mums from Gethsemani gardens Brown Summit

18. Mums from Niche gardens Chapel Hill

19 Cana Lilies

20. Iris

21. Clematis

22. Yellow jasmine

23. Salvia

24. Mist flower

25. lantana from Big Bloomers Sanford

26. Barberry

27. Weigela

28. Japanese Maple

29. Crepe Myrtle

30. Crocosmia

31. Sweet Asylum

32. Elephant Ears

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