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Roadside Survival

Roadside Survival

This collection of practical, low-tech wisdom and advice is gained from more than 2,000 free-of-charge roadside vehicle assists the author has performed as a hobby. Cumberland County resident Walt Brinker’s content is based on hands-on experience, not theory. He believes that motorists can lower their chances of a breakdown and being stranded by using simple concepts, tools and techniques. He points out that most vehicle breakdowns don’t require a mechanic and being proactive helps prevent being stranded with no bathroom, no water or food, being too cold or too hot and encountering predators.

His solutions aren’t meant to be permanent repairs. Rather, they enable a driver to drive his or her disabled vehicle to a facility that can fix the problem. Discussion of tire-related reasons (the most common cause for needing assists) follows the chapter on safety. The remaining chapters discuss running out of gas, engines overheating, engines cutting off and being locked out of vehicles. The book includes 56 illustrations. Brinker’s anecdotes and captions illustrate and reinforce his concepts and techniques. This book also inspires readers to help others (see the “Win-Win Hobby” chapter). The author’s website includes free roadside advice. Softcover, 95 pages, $14.95.

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