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Soul Food Odyssey

Soul Food Odyssey

Chef Stephanie Tyson takes readers on a journey to find the food her grandmother called “sumntaeat.” The recipes she shares include meat dishes ranging from stewed turkey wings and pot roast to a Low Country boil and what Tyson calls “stone soul sides” such as crackling cornbread and hoecakes. There’s also different kinds of greens; soups and stews including oxtail and fish head stew, and “Everything in It Vegetable Soup.” You can also learn how to cook various parts of a pig from “the router to the tooter” and make desserts “to sell your soul for.” Tyson is the chef and co-owner of Sweet Potatoes, an acclaimed restaurant in Winston-Salem. Color photos pepper her book, and her humorous comments reflect her wit as well as her deep appreciation of soul food. Softcover, 168 pages, $19.95. 


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