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The Body at Wrapp’s Mill

The Body at Wrapp’s Mill

Having quit her marriage and teaching career, Marcy Dehanne, a newly established mill consultant, arrives at remote Wrapp’s Mill in western North Carolina. She expects to land her first employment: implementing the restoration of the deteriorating grist mill. Instead, she finds a half-buried body behind the water wheel. The discovery of the corpse, unknown locally, complicates the possibility of restoring the mill, but with the help of a young female deputy — and a decided lack of enthusiasm from the sheriff’s office — Marcy forges ahead, risking her life to solve the murder and to restore the mill. A fan of mysteries, 50-year-old Marcy comes to realize that reading about murder is much safer — if less interesting — than delving headlong into one. The book’s author, Celia Miles, lives in Asheville and Lake Lure and is a member of Rutherford EMC. Published by Old Mountain Press in Sylva. Softcover, 246 pages, $13.95; e-book is $2.99.

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