Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Gifts that your honey can use

Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It can be challenging to surprise the man or woman in your life with a great gift that he or she likes and can really use. Here are ideas that won’t break the bank.

  • Everyday necessities: Every fellow needs a drawer supplied with comfortable undergarments, undershorts and socks. Hanes, headquartered in Winston-Salem, is among companies that sell everyday apparel. It sells cushion crew socks and tagless boxer briefs in stores and online at
  • Tools for DIY guys: A man who likes to fix things needs the proper tools to get the job done right. You don’t need to go big since he will most likely want to pick out his own rotary tool. Go for something like a multi-tool, which can provide up to 18 basic tools in a convenient, compact design, or a new power belt to get him excited about that project he wants to “get around to.” 
  • Keep her cozy and comfortable: Surprise her with slipper-booties and a new set of high-thread count (500 and up) sheets made of smooth Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton, or a pretty flannel. If she travels a lot for her job, consider a good headrest pillow for the plane or car.
  • Tools for DIY women: If her tool set is missing critical pieces, consider replacing the missing items or buying her a new tool box. Other ideas: retractable, 25-foot measuring tape, cordless rechargeable drill, needlenose pliers and a level (for hanging pictures).
  • Health and fitness: If your loved one has demonstrated an interest in improving his or her health, these gifts can keep on giving:  pedometers, water bottles, workout clothing, weights and dumbbells, punching bags and yoga mats.
  • Outdoor sports: For the man or woman who loves to spend as much time outside as possible, look for gifts that help him or her stay out there comfortably. For example, a pair of durable, water-resistant boots to trudge through streams and mud. For a hiker or camper, gloves with rechargeable heating functions to help keep fingers warm and new types of stocking caps made from special fabrics to preserve body heat.
  • Encourage a favorite pastime: Ideas include signing him or her up for snowboarding and skiing lessons and jewelry, pottery or woodworking classes. If you don’t feel comfortable picking a lesson time, see if the center will take a deposit that could be credited toward a class he or she chooses.


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