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Sweet treatments

Applying the right window coverings can help trim your power bill

Sweet treatments

Comfort. The rising price of heating and cooling your home. Reducing your carbon footprint. Climate change. There are so many reasons to invest in keeping your home’s energy costs low.

When it comes to windows, many energy experts simply refer to them as “holes in your home.” Studies have shown that even on newer homes, windows often account for between 25 and 40 percent of your home’s energy loss. However, there are ways to fight the unenviable drain that comes with letting in the light — your window treatments. Taking a look at your treatments, and possibly changing them, is a wise and relatively inexpensive way to save energy.

Get the right fit

The better the fit of your treatments, the less leakage you’ll get. It may be worth investing in a professional consultant and fitter to get a window treatment that will make the most effective seal between the comfort of your home and the elements. Your consultant can also advise you on choices that will suit your vision, needs and the style of your home.

Color’s influence

A simple way to increase the energy efficiency of window treatments is by the back color of the window treatment. You can keep heat out in the summer and inside in the winter by changing the back color of your shades, drapes or other treatments. White or a light color will reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them, which helps prevent your home from heating up during North Carolina’s hot summers. In the fall or winter, swap light backing out for dark backing so treatments soak up every available ray and keep the heat inside.

Technology working for you

Many of today’s styles are made with efficiency in mind. For example, Hunter Douglas sells shades constructed in a honeycomb design that traps heat and cold in its layers. These efficient shades offer up to three layers of honeycombing to keep the inside of your home cool or warm as the season requires. The honeycomb shades can also provide light filtering with top/down and bottom/up options.

Many modern shades and shutters are more environmentally conscious than ever before, with some being UV-resistant. Shutters come in styles that complement an amazing range of home styles, from old-school plantations to modern beach houses to arts-and-crafts cottages. And as southerners know, shutters are particularly good at keeping the heat out. Finally, one last bonus: UV-resistant shades and shutters protect your floors and furniture from the damage caused by sunlight.

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Information provided by Kim Rush, a design expert for decorview.com.

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