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Small Outdoor Spaces, Big Impact

Six trending ideas for patios and decks

By Brandpoint

Small Outdoor Spaces, Big Impact

Bright accent pillows will liven up your patio.

If you have a small outdoor space, there’s probably a lot more potential in transforming it than you might believe. Here are six design ideas to bring your area to life while maximizing the space. Plus, read more about garden decor and gardening in small spaces

  • Fountain

    A gently bubbling fountain can be lovely and relaxing.


    Add visual interest with a patterned rug. A rug properly placed under a table can break up a smaller floor, giving the illusion of more square footage. Colored rugs are readily available in striped, chevron, floral and paisley patterns. Lay one down and see what a difference it makes in defining your space.
  • Go vertical

    To get the most out of a limited space, think upward instead of outward. Hanging plants are a classic option, but vertical wall gardens secured on a wall are a top trend that’s sure to be a conversation starter. You’ll enjoy plenty of greenery and your open floor space, too.
  • Pieces that multi-task

    To get the most out of every inch of your petite space, look for furniture and features that multi-task to help save space while maximizing functionality. For example, opt for a bench to hold blankets or cushions or a table that doubles as a beverage cooler. Remember to keep scale in mind so you don’t overwhelm your space with massive furniture.
  • Water features

    The elegance, gentle gurgle and sparkle of a flowing water feature can add a sense of peacefulness to a space. Consider purchasing a tabletop or standalone fountain. You can also make your own fountain with a pump, a decorative waterproof container or planter and pretty pebbles. Pumps on the market include smartpond’s Low Water Shut-off Fountain Pump, which automatically shuts off if the water becomes too low, preventing pump burnout.
  • Wall of Plants

    A vertical wall garden saves space and adds greenery.

    Mix it up

    Eclectic design is trending, and there’s no need to match everything up. Combining styles can be freeing and fun. A great way to try this trend is by experimenting with different materials and finishes. Consider setting black resin pots next to handwoven wicker for a blend of textures, or mixing stripes with solids. Another approach: choose pieces for their individuality. For example, end tables don’t have to match each other as long as they work with the overall décor.
  • Vibrant colors

    A small space doesn’t have to have muted colors, as some believe. Vibrant hues inject energy and style, often making a small patio feel larger than it is in real life. From ocean blues to bright fuchsia, an accent pillow here and a throw blanket there will transform your space dramatically.

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