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A long way from the backyard chain

By Carol Whitt

A long way from the backyard chain

Everest began his life on the end of a chain, forgotten in a backyard. He was starving until a Good Samaritan noticed and called Animal Control.

I adopted him from the Hertford County animal shelter. When I first saw him he had sores on his body. He was so dirty, I thought he was gray.

Then his life changed. And he began changing the lives of others as well.

Everest went through obedience training and became a Canine Good Citizen with the American Kennel Club.  Then he became an AKC-certified and registered Therapy Dog. And through it all he never stopped wagging his tail.

Everest works with children in his very own reading program in the Gates and Murfreesboro libraries. He helps them to overcome their fear of reading by being a non-judgmental, loving listener. He doesn’t care if you’re not reading it right or if you missed a word. He just cares that you’re reading and petting him.

The children strengthen their skills and self-confidence with every sentence they read to him as they gently pet him. He is their trustworthy four-legged mentor and friend.

He also teaches children about the humane treatment of dogs and about dog safety, hoping they someday will help people in our communities who are not kind to pets.

Everest never meets a stranger. He is loved by many. He attends many events and gives presentations to clubs and organizations to promote literacy, humane education and dog safety. 

He even has his own Facebook page, “Everest Out of a Pit.”

About the Author

Carol Whitt lives in Gates and is a member of Roanoke Electric Cooperative.

Comments (2)

  • Heart warming that this special pup was rescued. What a blessing for the children!

    Karen Brois |
    August 26, 2015 |

  • I love this story of compassion and hope for not only Everest, but for the children he helps! We need more news like this in our lives.

    Christie A. |
    August 31, 2015 |

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