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A Kid-Chasing Cow

My younger brother and I had a little “spat” so Dad told us to go turn the cow loose so she could graze. We were to keep her out of Mom’s garden and the fields. So, we watched the cow patiently. All of a sudden, the cow jumped, kicked up her hind feet and took off after us. I jumped behind the apple tree, but my brother took off down the road, with the cow right behind him. The cow had been stung by a wasp. I ran barefoot, my toe cut by a stone and bleeding. Mom was concerned about my brother so she sent our older brother to look for him. He came back shaking his head and laughing “Mom, that cow has brother treed. He’s up in a dogwood tree and the cow is standing guard.” 

“Take the chain and go get them both,” Mom calmly replied. We have laughed about this for years.

Louise Chabot, Fayetteville, a member of Lumbee River EMC

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