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When I was young, my wife and her sister and husband and our kids were always together. Every weekend we were giving birthday parties and having cookouts. Both of our families use wood to heat our houses in the winter, so we would cut wood together. We would go to the beach and camp out.

One summer my brother-in-law and his wife and kids were going to the beach. My daughter was 16, and she wanted to go. We didn't have the money to go. I thought I would go to Sanford to play bingo. I went and won $25 and two free tickets to play the next night.

I let my daughter go with me the next night to play bingo. I won $500! My daughter was jumping up and down. I don't have to tell you I was pretty happy, too.

My daughter has grown boys now. But she still talks about that trip to the beach and how we got to go.

Robert DeBord, Siler City, Central EMC

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