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My first love

My third grade teacher at Happy Valley School made an unforgettable impression on me. That was Miss Harmon, my first love.

I was 8 years old, it was 1943, and our country was at war. Miss Harmon would lead us in prayer every morning and pray for our troops. On a large blackboard in front of the room, she wrote the names of all those we knew who were in the military. She had us bring pictures of any soldier we knew, and she put them up where we could see them. My brother Jim was one of the names on that prayer list. I felt so good about us praying for my brother.

I don't know what happened to Miss Harmon. I do remember her as one who touched my life in a most positive way. God bless those teachers who touch young lives in the manner Miss Harmon touched mine. I'm sure there are many who do so and never know how they've influenced the lives of youngsters.

Bob Church, Lenoir, Blue Ridge Electric

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