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My grandmother’s apron

My grandmother’s apron

I don’t think I ever saw my grandmother without an apron around her waist. As a young child, I thought the apron was just part of her dress.

She kept her every-day aprons washed, but they showed the stains from her daily activities: gathering beans from the garden, returning baby chicks when they wandered off from the mother hen, wiping tears from faces of her grandchildren. One day, I watched as she grabbed the hem of her apron to dust the coffee table before a neighbor came to visit for a chat and a cup of coffee.

I would volunteer to help wash dishes just to have one of her aprons tied around my waist. I wore it for hours, following my grandmother around in her garden. As she would gather the green beans and place them in her apron, I would do the same. I realized there was a lot of work you could do wearing an apron.

On Sundays she would put on a white apron without any stains. It was always heavy starched and perfectly ironed. I will always remember the special Sunday apron she wore as she would place the fried chicken bowl on the dinner table. Some memories never leave your heart and mind.

Phyllis McManus, Monroe, Union Power Cooperative

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