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No matter how cold it gets

No matter how cold it gets

This is a picture of my stepfather, Ronnie Shepard, and my daughter, Autumn Brady, age 2. Although it was a cold day, my daughter wanted to go for a ride on my stepfather’s 1950s Farmall tractor at his place in Lawsonville. So we put on our coats, and with a big smile I watched them make laps around the house. Lost in how much fun they were having, I forgot about how cold and windy it was outside. Every time my daughter looks at the picture, she talks about and remembers that day as if it just happened.

Now in winter she tells me, “Dad, it’s about time to wrap up and ride the tractor.” No matter how cold it gets outside, family love will always find a way to warm up the day.

Mike Brady, Westfield, Surry-Yadkin EMC

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