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Pick-up lines

Back in February 1997, I was just moving in, and a neighbor boy wanted to be nice and meet the new kid on the block. He came up to my front porch, and the town drunk was there trying to stand up, but when he saw this boy he left in a hurry. (This was not a little boy.)

My new neighbor said to me, "Do you know anything about telephones?"

I replied, "If they ring, I pick them up."

To this, he replied, "You will do."

That was his pick-up line.

On this October 4, we will be happily married 13 years. Everyone said it wouldn't last six months.

My husband is the kind of man who would give you the shirt off his back. And all he could think of was telephones.

Lavonda "Sissy" Helms, Maiden, Rutherford EMC

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