Annie, Annie Over

Annie, Annie Over
The old Costner School in Dallas had four classrooms at the corners and an auditorium in the middle. Teachers were sisters Mary and Winnie Thornburg.

I went to the Costner School in Gaston County when it had grades 1 through 7 in four rooms, a potbelly stove and an outdoor privy. I learned more in that period than any other. I also had the opportunity to help teach the slow learners while the teacher was with another grade level.

At recess we played the fun games of Annie Over and Jump Board. If it was raining everyone worked together on a puzzle.

For those not familiar with Annie Over, I will explain. Teachers appointed two students to choose their teams. One team would go to the front of the schoolhouse, the other to the back. The group in front had the ball and would call out "Annie, Annie Over," and throw the ball over the roof of the building to the other side. If someone on the other side caught the ball, that group would run to the left or right around to the front of the building – or even split up with some going right and others going left around. By surprising the other team, they could tag as many as they could before the other team members made it around to the other side of the building. The tagged ones would go to the other team. The team that got all the other team's players would win. If your ball didn't clear the schoolhouse roof, you could yell "Pigtail," and throw it again. If the other team didn't catch the ball coming over before it bounced, they couldn't run around the building and would have to throw it back over the building. But they could wait, if they wanted to fool the others, then throw it "Annie, Annie Over" back to the other team.

Rosita Jones, Dallas, Rutherford EMC

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