Brown Hull Pottery

Brown Hull Pottery

When I was growing up, my mom had the most beautiful brown drip-design dinnerware. She collected most of it from a grocery store promotion that offered new pieces each week. Hull Pottery manufactured her main collection, but she added a few pieces from other companies that also made the same design. She was so proud of her collection. There was just something rustic and comforting about the frosty drip around the edges of the shiny brown dinnerware.

I remember eating hot oatmeal from the bowls on cold winter mornings, and I recall reaching inside the cookie jar for fresh shortbread cookies. My dad used to sit by the woodstove and sip coffee from the frosted brown mugs. Sometimes, I would sit beside him and sip hot chocolate and pretend it was coffee.

Hull Pottery went out of business in 1986, so those wonderful items will never be made again. I love and cherish the pieces I have, and my family and I still use them on special occasions.

Mary Bryant, Granite Falls, Blue Ridge Electric

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