Dough bait 

Dough bait 
Now on my trips to Ashe County I use flies and fish for trout.

On a drive home to the Crystal Coast from a trout-fishing trip in Ashe County, I began reminiscing about dough bait. As a novice with a fly rod, I occasionally use it if I’m unable to get the trout to bite on my bugs (flies). Dough bait is simply pea-sized bread that is usually wetted to give it a consistency that will keep it on the hook.

About 60 years or so ago, my family was living in New Jersey. About a block away from our home was a public park that had a lake. My friends and I would often take some of our mothers’ black sewing thread, wrap it around the end of a stick, attach a twig for a bobber and tie on a store-bought (or borrowed) hook. For bait we would use whatever was available. If we couldn’t find any worms, or something else suitable, we were left with dough bait. Of course it had to be white bread for the best effect. Back then the target was mainly what we called shiners.

Les Huber, Emerald Isle, Carteret-Craven Electric

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