Grandma Harwell’s quilt tops

Grandma Harwell’s quilt tops
I now have the old pedal sewing machine and the memories of seeing Grandma there sewing.

When I got married, my grandmother gave me a beautiful handmade quilt top. Dresden Plate was the pattern. She stitched all the pieces by hand, then pieced it together on a pedal sewing machine, each piece perfectly placed.

She made all her dresses, all one style. The colors in my quilt top represent those and probably those of others she sewed for down through the years. Her dresses were all modestly sewn, with long sleeves, and they reached her ankles. She believed in "covering up." I remember in high school making a dress for myself, sleeveless and pretty short. I wore it to her house on a Sunday, and she chuckled and said, "That's a pretty dress, what there is of it." I still think of that comment and smile.

She gave quilt tops to all the granddaughters when we got married, and we all treasure them. When I see the care that went into each of the quilt tops, I can't help but think, as she made each one, she thought of each of us and said a prayer for us as we began our married life.

Pat Propst, Lincolnton, Rutherford EMC

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