The log house

The log house
Amelia and Killes Shaw, my grandparents.

When I was a little girl our family would visit my Grandpa and Grandma, riding in our wagon pulled by our mule George. It always made us happy when we knew we were going to Grandma's for the day. She cooked on the fireplace in iron pots and pans. The food was so good.

They lived in a log house. It had a kitchen, three bedrooms and two porches. They had a fireplace in one of the bedrooms. The hearth was made out of rock and also the chimney. Grandpa had a little pig. He would let it come in and warm by the fire.

The windows opened to the outdoors through little wood doors. When it was warm they would open the windows to let in fresh air. One day when we were there, Grandma was churning milk in a wooden churn to make butter and buttermilk. This little hen came in through the kitchen window. She had a nest on top of the cupboard. She got in her nest and laid an egg.

Jettie Love, Wilkesboro, EnergyUnited

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