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The beautiful music

I grew up in the high country of Mitchell County. I was about 12 years old when we got electricity from French Broad EMC, so I remember well placing the battery-operated radio we had just so on the Hoosier cabinet. If you didn't place it just so, it didn't pick up anything, and at best, you sometimes had to lean down and place your ear on the radio to hear it.

One Saturday afternoon, I heard, faintly, the sound of classical music. I stood for a long time with my ear pressed against the radio. I was hooked! When the great day came and we finally had electricity (we couldn't stop saying "Blow out the light!") we bought an electric radio, and I was in heaven.

Now, many worlds later, as a board member of the Union Symphony Orchestra, I have the privilege of being involved in bringing the great classical music of the world to my region, serviced by Pee Dee EMC. I am especially gratified by the fact that the Union Symphony Youth Orchestra, 91 members strong and representing nine counties, is growing the great musicians of the future. And just think: I can hear this wonderful music every day without putting my ear to the radio.

Stella H. Baucom, Marshville, Pee Dee EMC

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