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The ghost under the hood

The ghost under the hood


"He'll rise up out of the grave and stroll around the cemetery looking for his lost love." Yes, that was the rumor about a certain graveyard in Cabarrus County.

As a teenager in the 1960s, ghost hunting was popular. I remember one moonlit night some friends, my boyfriend and I went on a quest. We met another couple and we parked both vehicles near the church cemetery. The rumor was that at this burial ground on the night of a full moon, a spirit would rise from the grave. Suddenly, I heard a moaning, but it was only a dog howling in the distance. After 30 minutes and no spirits appearing, we went home.

Strangely, when my friend went to leave my house, his car wouldn't start. We woke up my parents, and Daddy looked at the sedan. The automobile would not make a sound when they tried to crank it. My father took my date home.

The next morning, my boyfriend and his father brought over a new car battery. Before installing it, they decided to see if the car would start. The motor purred like a kitten.

My family rolled with laughter and said, "I guess the ghost got under the hood of the car, and you never saw him." That was the last of our phantom searching escapades.

Mary Kay Cox, Four Oaks, South River EMC

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