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The Halloween King

The Halloween King

My cousin Kenny Hough served as the 1956 Halloween King of the Halloween Carnival held at Lilesville School in Anson County. The carnival served as a large fundraiser to raise money for books.

I remember a penny a vote, and the one with the most votes would be the king or queen of the carnival. Kenny’s best friend was voted as queen. Anyone running for king or queen had a campaign scout gathering pennies from others at the carnival.

The games played at the carnival were pennies in a jar; a 10-cent fishing game where you would win a 5-cent prize; throwing jar rings around drink bottles; a dart game; and shooting stopper guns at targets hung from a clothesline. A cake walk, door prizes and a live turkey were donated and given away. The carnival also had loud music on stage.

These carnivals were held at many of the Anson County schools during a time when candy and gum cost just 5 cents in the 1950s.

I wonder how many people will see Kenny’s photo and remember that fun night at the Halloween Carnival …

Dorothy Steele, Lilesville, a member of Pee Dee Electric

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