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The organic watermelon

The organic watermelon

I am a country girl, and I’ve always had a garden. In 2010, for the first time ever, I planted some watermelons. They did well, but I decided in 2011 not to have watermelons because they took up so much space. So I planted lots of vegetables, all kinds. In a short while they started to come up along with plants I did not plant. After a while, I recognized them as watermelon plants. They grew so fast. I asked every elderly person I knew if those plants would bear watermelons. Everyone I asked said no, they would not, they would be citrons. I was very perplexed as what to do but decided to leave some of the plants.

That summer in Onslow County was very dry, a drought. My garden did poorly, but the watermelons grew. The picture shows me holding one of those melons. I didn’t plant the seed, it had no water for 67 days, it had no fertilizer and no care. It weighed 45 pounds, and it sure was no citron. We called it an organic watermelon. What would you have called it?

Christine Matthews, Hubert, Jones-Onslow EMC

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