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Vacation Bible School

I remember when churches held Vacation Bible School on weekday mornings. All of the neighborhood children anticipated the opening day when we would sing songs, hear Bible stories, and make our own special treasures during arts and crafts. We looked forward to filling our free summer mornings with games and lots of cherry Kool-Aid and butter cookies. The ladies of the church were our faithful teachers reminding us to bow our heads and to listen when we got too rowdy.

With childlike faith we sat in awe as we heard how God parted the Red Sea for Moses, about Joshua and the battle of Jericho, and how Daniel survived the lion's den. We could picture the burning bush and David facing the giant, Goliath. The choruses like "Father Abraham" and "This Little Light of Mine" still ring in my ears, and I enjoy singing those same songs with my son today.

Bible school has changed over the years. The events are now held at night since mothers work, and families rush in and out because we lead such busy lives. They are now glitzy affairs with CDs, DVDs and fancy decorations. I long for the days when faith, hope and love were planted in our hearts simply and meaningfully.


Deana C. Johnson, Laurinburg, Lumbee River EMC


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