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Moving On

By Laura Conner Massengale

Moving On

We now are blessed with 30 acres of cleared land, fields, forest and a pond in Orange County, just waiting to make it ours.

Welcome back to the homestead. It has been a whirlwind of a winter season. These past few months have brought intense change, challenges and countless blessings.

My parents placed their house on the market before the holidays, and in just a few days it sold to a wonderful family. That big white house on the hill contained the largest portion of my childhood. Those walls held years of memories, laughter and significant moments that helped me become who I am today.

On our last night in the house, we all sat together at the big white kitchen table that gathered us so many times before. With watery eyes and warm hearts, we spent our last few hours in the house sharing our favorite memories. As my parents, sister, brother-in-law, two nieces and two nephews walked out of those familiar doors for the last time, we left with the image of a beautiful, bright full moon smiling down on us in our rear view mirror.

This was the beginning of our grand journey towards our big farm.

Selling my Little Bit Farm homestead was next on the journey. In just two weeks, my peaceful little homestead sold. I had to re-home George Washington, my ever vocal rooster, and his flock of girls. Houidini and Doyle, my outdoor pigs, are staying at another farm temporarily, until our barn is complete. My flock of girls that has been with me since the beginning of my homesteading adventures remained on the homestead where they will live out the rest of their days roaming the grounds they have known their entire lives.

We were incredibly blessed to find an amazing piece of property for our future farm. Three plots of 10 acres sat side-by-side in Orange County surrounded by beautiful horse farms, just waiting for us to make it ours. The 30 acres contain cleared land, fields, forest and a stunning pond. With the approval of the family and lots of prayer, we made those 30 acres ours for good.


Plans are now heavily in motion for building a beautiful barn and my parents’ home on the farm. Oliver the indoor pig and Peanut, my little rescue dog, and I are living in an adorable rental house in downtown Mebane. It has definitely been an adjustment not living on the homestead, but we are enjoying the change of pace.

I will begin building my home on the farm next year, I hope. My sister, her hubby and their four kiddos will follow sometime after me. In the future, we will all be on the farm together, experiencing farm life and farm challenges together as a family once again.

Conversations are filled with excited chatter about the details of the farm. An orchard, dairy cow, chickens, horses, beef cattle, gardens and homegrown and homemade family dinners are just a few of our ever-flowing ideas. I am so excited at the idea of being able to make fresh cheese from milk I harvest myself, spend sunny afternoons gathering fruit from the orchard and watching the horses lazily grazing in the pasture.   

The dream of having a family farm is now a tangible reality. I am blessed beyond words to experience this adventure with the people I love the most.

About the Author

Laura Conner Massengale and her husband, Gabe, are members of Piedmont EMC and live in Orange County. From time to time we will publish her reports on their homesteading adventures. Follow Laura's blog at

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