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Cool stuff to know

Cool stuff to know

What moves, can flash in more than a million color combinations, and is in Raleigh? The answer is the shimmer wall at the Raleigh Convention Center, just one fun fact in a colorful and entertaining book about Raleigh and North Carolina. The new book is part of Arcadia's "Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know" series, geared to kids ages 7 to 11. Packed with photos and with sections like "Strange But True" and "Dramatic Days," the book

highlights Raleigh's landmarks and events as well as what's great about the state. The Raleigh book is written by Kate Boehm Jerome, who also wrote one featuring Charlotte's attractions. Softcover, 48 pages, $9.99. (888) 313-2665 or, to get a 20 percent discount, order online at

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