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3 Fun Ways to Motivate Kids to Save Energy

Energy education can be fun for kids

3 Fun Ways to Motivate Kids to Save Energy

Getting kids interested in saving energy can seem tough at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Saving energy is important for keeping electricity bills low, and getting kiddos engaged now will help them form energy-saving habits for the future. Fortunately, there are fun ways to teach kids how to be energy efficient that will actually get them excited about saving energy.

1Turn learning into a game
Games create a fun, interactive option for kids to become engaged with learning more about saving energy. One example is to create an “energy treasure hunt” around the home, where the family searches for devices or appliances that use the most electricity. After the hunt, discuss with your kids a few ways for those devices to use less energy. You could also have them search for other proactive efficiency measures, like weather stripping, LED bulbs and air filters. Teach them about the Energy Star® logo, which identifies the most energy efficient devices and appliances. The more interested you are in finding those technologies, the more interested your kids will be too.

2Create a reward system
One simple method is a star chart. You can use the chart to keep track of stickers and reward your child for every 10 stickers that they earn for doing some activity that saves energy. Stickers could be earned every time your child remembers to turn off the light in a room after they exit, unplugging devices (like phone chargers) that they’re not using or showering in less than five minutes. Rewards can be small things that get your child excited, like a small toy.

3Discuss positive lifestyle changes
This could be getting the family together to play a boardgame or reading a book together, instead of using TV and electronic devices such as laptops. If your kids are older and these suggestions likely won’t work, try getting them involved in simple efficiency projects around the home. There are several DIY tasks that teens can help with, like caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors, or replacing the HVAC filter.

Teaching your kids to save energy can be easier when you make it fun. With a little creativity, each of these suggestions can be modified for your family. Each of us, including our kids, can do our part to save energy.

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