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Bring Nature’s Benefits Indoors

Earthy home decorating ideas to lower stress levels


Bring Nature’s Benefits Indoors

Despite the comfort and convenience it affords, modern society is contributing to a vanishing relationship with the natural environment. A gap is growing between the time Americans spend outdoors and the time they’d like to spend in nature, according to a survey commissioned by the Velux Group.

In the United States, 63% of survey participants said they average one hour or less a week in nature, but 88% agreed they would like to spend more time. In addition, the majority of respondents said they believe nature, daylight and fresh air have a positive impact on stress levels.

In summary, the study revealed a common theme, with 85% of participants believing they spent more time in nature as children than children do today. The trend carried over into adult habits, too, with adults unable to fit outdoor time into their busy schedules. One positive way to counteract this modern trend is to create earthy connections through home decorating and design. Here are some ideas to do just that.


Living plants are not only beautiful, they also help clean the air inside your home. In smaller spaces, even a few pots of herbs can add a welcome touch. If flat surfaces and floor space are at a premium, use your wall space and incorporate shelving and wall-mounted planters.

Sunshine and fresh air

Bringing natural light and fresh air inside can keep your space fresh and inviting. Refreshing the air can help eliminate volatile organic compounds, pet dander and microparticles from cooking and cleaning.

If your home is lacking in natural light, consider enlarging a window or adding a window or skylight. It’s worth noting that skylights bring in more light than vertical windows; their angle allows more of the sun’s rays to reach farther into the room. Some skylight manufacturers, including Velux, offer venting options.

Research installation options and energy efficiency impacts of skylights before committing. Learn more.

Nature-inspired art

Studies have shown that simply viewing photos or paintings of nature scenes has mental and physical benefits. Examples of art influenced by Mother Nature include photographs and paintings of animals, trees, rivers, mountains and beaches. You can also use decorative mirrors to reflect natural light and make a space feel larger and brighter.

Botanically inspired patterns

Look to pillows, area rugs, stencils and wallpaper to incorporate patterns inspired by flowers, foliage or landscapes. These decorative elements can boost your spirits by reflecting the outdoor world.

Natural materials

Sisal rugs and baskets, wood planking and stone side tables add touches of the natural world. These materials let you incorporate nature into your design aesthetic with textures that look stylish and feel good, too.

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