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Comfy Dorm Décor

Get the most out of your space with smart purchases

By Statepoint

Comfy Dorm Décor

This bedside storage unit doubles as a tabletop.

Being comfortable in your dorm room is important for health, happiness and academic success. Luckily, students can transform their space from ho-hum to something more fun and functional with some well-chosen items. 

Create your space

Students can showcase their individual style by adding an area rug, decorative pillows and a plush throw blanket for extra warmth. Window panels, wall tapestries and artwork pull the room together.

Add string-lights for atmosphere, or try an attractive floor light for extra light for studying. Ample seating is always good for when friends pop in. Consider chairs that fold when not in use to save space.

Standard-issue dorm mattresses can be uncomfortable. Build a better bed with a mattress pad, memory foam topper or fiberbed. You can guard against allergens and spills with a mattress protector. Make laundry day easier by investing in an extra set of sheets.

Most dorm rooms are smaller than desired. Strategically placed mirrors help make a space look larger. To maximize storage, use organizational systems under the bed, over the door and in the closet. Think “outside the box” when it comes to storage. For instance, an over-the-door shoe organizer can store rolled up T-shirts, cosmetics, toiletries and school supplies. Take advantage of vertical closet space to make more room with double-hang closet rods and clip hangers that hang multiple items vertically.

Power up

Staying charged is crucial these days. There are multi-functional bed risers that feature an AC outlet and USB charger. These risers maximize under-bed space for storing items while providing a grounded charging station. Also, some floor lamps include their own charging station for electrical devices.

Be sure to protect your electrical devices from voltage spikes with a surge protector. Look for ones that combine regular outlets, transformer-plug outlets and USB ports.

Speaking of staying charged, it’s no secret some students rely on coffee to get them through exams. Those students can consider an automatic coffee maker or single-serve coffee maker for their room.

Free resources

Some retailers provide resources to help college students choose items they’ll need. For example, Bed Bath & Beyond provides tailored lists of what students can and can’t have in the dorm. Tips, ideas, a virtual catalog, and a student life checklist are available all year long at

Students can visit its brick-and-mortar stores or shop online and select a ship date at checkout. Its “Pack & Hold” service lets students shop for items at a store near home for convenient pick-up at a location closer to campus. This is especially beneficial for students traveling far to school.

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