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Paw-some Pet Portaits

Capture your pet’s personality via photography


Paw-some Pet Portaits

Whether you’re hoping to make your dog or cat an Instagram sensation or you just want a nice portrait, you’ve likely discovered pets can be elusive around cameras. Here are tips for getting your fur-baby to sit for the camera, from creative photographer Taylor Graham.

  • If you’re shooting outside, situate your pet in a shaded area. A flat, overcast day makes for the most flattering pet photos.
  • Add flair with bowties, hats, vests, scarves and colorful bandanas that showcase your pet’s personality. You can find pet fashion accessories at local pet stores and through online retailers such as Zulily.
  • Get low to your pet’s level and frame the face tightly, focusing on eyes for maximum impact.
  • Remember to photograph the most endearing parts of your pet. Often overlooked, paws and ears can be some of the most adorable features of your furry friend.
  • Hold a toy or treat as close to the lens as possible. This will get your pet’s gaze right where you want it to be.
  • Most cameras and camera phones have a “burst mode” that takes pictures quickly in a row. Later, you can select the perfect frame.

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