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Take the Farm Broadband Survey

NC farmers can report inadequate internet access

Take the Farm Broadband Survey

The North Carolina Broadband Infrastructure Office, with the Friday Institute at NC State University, is conducting a five-minute survey to gather data on internet connectivity from North Carolina farmers. The data will be used to inform research, policy and funding recommendations to assist communities where internet access is inadequate.

Participants without internet access will need to take the online survey from another location, such as a public library. Participants with farm offices that do have internet access should access the survey from that location and are encouraged to take an optional speed test.

“Access to high-speed internet is a critical business need for North Carolina’s farmers, enabling energy-saving technology and helping them remain competitive agribusinesses,” said Mark Suggs, executive vice president and general manager for Farmville-based Pitt & Green EMC. Suggs is among those working with federal policymakers to enable technology for agricultural operations. “Electric cooperatives have made the issue a priority with our elected officials. Data from the survey of farmers will help drive future policy and funding.”

The survey was developed in part from information gathered during NC Farm Bureau Federation listening sessions conducted with local farmers and agriculture partners.

Take The Short Survey

Deadline: April 30, 2020


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