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Pack Like a Pro

Six tricks to fit it all in for your next trip

By Brandpoint

Get packing tips from master travelers.

Whether it’s family road tripping, business travel or a romantic getaway, exploring new places is exciting. You may be counting down the days until you leave, but, like many people, you may dread packing. Deciding what earns a spot in your suitcase is hard enough, let alone figuring out how you can fit it all in.

Do you look with envy at jet-setters who only tote a small carry-on? It’s because years of travel experience has taught them packing tricks that make the process simpler. You can use their same strategies, no matter how near or far you plan to travel.

  • Select double-duty clothing items.
    Check the weather for your destination so you pack only items appropriate for the forecast. Want to take it one step further? Choose items that multitask. For example, a large scarf can be a stylish accessory and also be used as a blanket on the plane or at the beach.
  • Select space-savers.
    For toiletries, choose travel sizes. Then leave them behind at the end of your trip to open up luggage space to bring home mementos. To avoid luggage spills and leaks, place the toiletries in resealable plastic bags or add plastic wrap to the tops of bottles before screwing on the caps. Placing your items in clear bags and toiletry cases helps you locate toiletries quickly. For hair, large box stores, outfitters and drugstores often sell small brushes. Compact, folding hairdryers on the market include those like the Panasonic EH-NA27-K Nanoe.
  • Prevent wrinkling.
    To prevent wrinkles on delicate items, try wrapping them around soft, bulky items. For example, wrap a silk blouse or cotton trousers around a sweater. Avoid folding clothing any more than necessary. In fact, many people use a rolling method for packing clothes to save space and prevent wrinkles.
  • Utilize odd-shaped items.
    Shoes take up a lot of luggage space, so strive to select no more than three pairs. Wear the heaviest or bulkiest pair while traveling. Place shoes along the sides or bottom to strengthen the bag and then stash items inside (such as socks and electronics like chargers).
  • Bring some bags.
    Resealable plastic bags are your secret weapon. Use them if you need a bag to take toys down to the pool, a place to put dirty clothes, or something to place soggy swimsuits in before you check out of the hotel. If your travels take you near water, use them to keep valuables dry.
  • Manage makeup.
    Pack multi-use items, such as a lipstick that can also be used as blush or an eye shadow with applier brush that you can use on eyebrows. To prevent eye shadows and pressed powders from cracking, place a pressed cotton pad between the powder and the lid.

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