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Our Little Mermaid

Our Little Mermaid

Boiling Springs Lake is a small community in Brunswick County. Our family started going there a few years ago. We swim, ride our small pedal boat (and count it as exercise), or simply float on a floatie and relax away our weekly woes. The lakes are spring-fed so the water is clear, with a hint of red due to minerals in the water. As our grandchildren were born, we had more and more people in our group. Our youngest grandchild was born four years ago. She’s a January baby, so by the time summer came, she was ready to go in the water. We call her our Little Mermaid. We get out of the car, and we barely have time to put some sunscreen on her before she runs into the water. On September 15, 2018, Hurricane Florence’s rains burst two of the dams at the lakes. Thankfully, Spring Lake (“our” lake) was not damaged. We have held birthday parties there, and we have simply enjoyed the lake water cooling our bodies and minds on many a hot, summer day.

Martha Russ, Shallotte, a member of Brunswick Electric

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