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Four Steps to Land Your Dream Job

How to kick off the new year with new employment

By Brandpoint

Four Steps to Land Your Dream Job

For some, the new year brings a firm resolution to either find a job or find a better job. It’s important to know that the way you present your accomplishments can make all the difference in attracting hiring managers and recruiters. Here are four steps you can take to stand out and land your next opportunity.

First, commit to a certain amount of time weekly you will spend on your search. You can block out time on your personal calendar, in a computer folder or on a spreadsheet. Use it to also make notes about jobs, including follow-up steps for any positions you have applied for. It’s important to keep your job hunt information organized and in one place.

2Network, network, network
You’re roughly four times more likely to land a job at a company where you have connections, so now is the time to lean into your community. In addition to talking with people at companies you’d like to work for, chat with friends, relatives and former co-workers, teachers and instructors. Naturally, you’ll want to use discretion in case the person could tell your present employer about your search. That said, you’d be surprised what can happen when you share your interest in other job opportunities.

3Polish all social media
LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet and basic membership is free. Tune up or create your LinkedIn profile to present yourself in a way that helps others learn more about your experience and goals. To make your profile more discoverable to recruiters and get a conversation started, include a profile photo, list your relevant skills and tell your professional story in your summary. Highlight samples of your work in the LinkedIn’s Featured section.

Networking social media

Networking and social media can both play an important role in furthering your career.

In addition to being able to privately let recruiters know that you’re open to new jobs, you can add an #OpenToWork photo frame on your profile photo. This lets LinkedIn’s broader community of more than 700 million professionals (worldwide) know you are looking. When your profile comes up in a search or you engage with a post on your feed, professionals beyond your connections will see you are #OpenToWork and can refer you to available jobs.

Many, if not most, hiring managers also check candidates’ profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If your account is public and you’ve posted anything offensive, potentially risqué, or any references to drugs or alcohol, take it down. Post messages and photos that promote the best part of you and emphasize accomplishments or activities that relate to the job or field you seek.

4Build your skill set
Consider taking a course at the local college or community college or find courses online to brush up on your existing skills and build new ones, from soft skills like communication and problem solving to hard skills like data science. It’s also a good idea to practice job interviewing (virtual or in person) with a friend or relative.

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