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A Formula for Healthier Living

Put the ‘triple seven’ rule into practice

By Pamela A. Keene

A Formula for Healthier Living

Amnemonic or acronym can be an easy way to remember a concept. Take “WWS,” for instance. It stands for “walk, water and sleep,” and fitness experts — including Natasha Weddle, founder of The New Beginnings Center in Nashville — help their clients add these three vital health components into their everyday lives.

“Even if you’re not trying to run a marathon or become a competitive athlete, WWS is a good practice to get into,” says the former college basketball player. “When you add in Triple Sevens, you have a formula for better health no matter what your fitness level.”

Developed by fitness company Strength Matters, the formula is straightforward:

  • Walk: Seven days a week, take 7,000 steps a day.
  • Water: Seven days a week, drink seven glasses a day.
  • Sleep: Seven days a week, sleep seven hours a day.

Natasha suggests taking on the WWS/Triple Sevens gradually and keeping a log or notes on your calendar to keep up.

“If you’re not walking regularly as exercise, begin with 10 minutes and increase your time three to five minutes each week,” she says. “The same goes with adding more hydration to your diet. If you’re not consuming plain water but instead are drinking caffeine or soda, add one 8-ounce glass each day for a week or so and omit one non-water beverage. Continue to increase your water consumption as you reduce your other beverages over several months to work up to seven glasses a day.”

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