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A smart thermostat can pay for itself in as little as two years December 2017
A smart thermostat can pay for itself in as little as two years
December 2017

The right thermostat can help you control energy costs! If you’ve ever had a traditional thermostat, you know you have to manually set the temperature. On cold winter mornings or evenings, this can lead to higher bills if you’re suddenly moving the temperature up more than two degrees. That’s when your expensive, back-up heat comes on to try to quickly heat up your home!

Replacing a traditional thermostat can be worth it if you want to lower energy costs and enjoy a comfortable temperature in your home.

One option is a programmable thermostat. Once programmed to fit your schedule, they gradually adjust to the right temperatures for sleeping, waking, and times when you are at home or away. The challenge for most people is remembering to program the thermostats — or change the programming when home schedules change.

The best option for most people is a smart thermostat that does everything for you!

Instead of relying on manual programming, a smart or “learning” thermostat starts with a base setting of 68 degrees for heating and 75 degrees for cooling and then learns the desired indoor temperature based on how the user interacts with the device. This process occurs automatically over a period of weeks as you make changes to the smart thermostat. It can even tell if you’re home through motion detectors or by linking to your mobile device. It’s important to note they require a home Wi-Fi network to operate and this also allows you to control your thermostat remotely from your phone, tablet or computer.

Another benefit of smart thermostats is they eliminate unnecessary heating and cooling. That not only reduces wasted energy, it benefits you with lower energy bills and a more comfortable home!

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