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From Blue Ridge CEO Doug Johnson Januray 2018
From Blue Ridge CEO Doug Johnson
Januray 2018

Doug JohnsonMany great member and customer solutions are coming in 2018!

First, this spring we’ll introduce a new program that gives members the ability to join together in helping us manage power costs and keeping rates affordable. All you’ll have to do is take simple steps to reduce your electricity usage during expensive “peak demand” times, such as hot summer afternoons or extremely cold winter mornings. The program is voluntary, but we’ll be asking you to sign up to be notified when a peak will occur.

Second, an additional community solar site is being planned. That’s good news for members who missed participating in our first four sites that were fully subscribed in less than a year! You can sign up for our waiting list at

Third, as electric vehicles become more popular, we’ll be a resource for members. We’re working to ensure good access to charging. This includes plans to make home Level 2 charging more affordable with a member rebate.

Fourth, we’re improving access to technology that makes it easy for members and propane and fuels customers to do business with us. This includes our IVR, or interactive voice response telephone system. Our IVR is integrated into our system to handle requests and process information for automated service, available 24/7. Bill payment is the most popular use of the IVR as well as our kiosks, which are located at our offices and a growing number of community locations.

Coming in 2018Finally, a new propane tank monitoring app will be available soon. This app will solve the problem of wondering how much propane is left in your tank and reduce the chance of running out. More details are coming soon.

I hope you’re excited about the member and customer solutions coming in 2018! I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months. We wish our members a very happy and prosperous New Year!

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