Converting rights-of-way to wildlife habitats - Carolina Country
September 2018

Enhancing the natural beauty of western North Carolina while ensuring reliability electricity for members is why Blue Ridge Energy has made available funds to help convert rights-of-way to wildlife habitats.

Up to $500 per acre is available to members who have cooperative rights-of-way on their property in wooded or other qualifying areas. The funds are to help offset costs the member would incur to remove trees and plant certain types of grass, low-growing shrubs, wildflowers and other vegetation to attract wildlife such as rabbits, turkeys, birds, deer and honeybees and other pollinators.

Members qualify for funds only if they contact Blue Ridge Energy’s vegetation management staff and receive approval prior to the start of their project. Programs like this not only benefit the environment and improve appearance, they also help ensure reliable electricity for members and give line technicians a safe pathway when working on power lines.

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