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Get Ready To Revup Your Savings! October 2017
Get Ready To Revup Your Savings!
October 2017
Electric Vehicle

Plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) are a transportation choice that’s as kind to the pocketbook as it is to the environment.


Member-owners of Randolph EMC who own a PEV now have the opportunity to participate in the cooperative’s new REVUP™ pilot program. With an increase in electric vehicles (EV) expected across our system in the coming years, it’s important that Randolph EMC is prepared for that growth. And as your trusted energy advisor, we’re committed to learning all that we can about charging devices and rate effectiveness.

This two-fold program offers up to 25 members a $500 rebate incentive toward the purchase of a Wi-Fi enabled Level 2 charging station, as well as the three-tiered time-of-use Plug N2 Savings rate to encourage charging during off-peak times.

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